Aberfeldy and Kinloch Rannoch are no longer providing a travel service.

Davidsons Chemist in Aberfeldy can assist you: start your consultation at:  www.wdavidson.co.uk/travelclinic

On completion of your online consultation, you will be given a 14 digit code.  This should be given to the pharmacist, allowing them to access your details for full assessment.

The pharmacist will be in touch after completion of this online consultation.   

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below.

Europe Europe & RussiaNorth America North America
Central America Central Americaindia South America
egypt Carribeanlithuania Africa
bulgaria Middle Eastpoland Central Asia
china East Asiachina Australasia and Pacific


Please click on the Travel Link below for excellent Travel Advice



As we are now in the holiday season we are sharing with you some resources which have

been prepared by Health Protection Scotland in relation to travel health and travel


The A - Z of Healthy Travel

Mosquito Advice

Planning on having private treatment/surgery in the UK or abroad?

Please be aware that the whole episode of the treatment should be provided by the private provider, i.e. blood tests and other tests, suture removal, dressing changes, routine wound check, prescribing during your episode of private treatment, etc., and the Practice should not be involved in any aspects of this episode of treatment, with the exception of emergency care relating to the treatment.

It is also the private providers responsibility to issue a Fit Note covering the entire anticipated period off work, but if any longer time off is then required when you are no longer under the care of the provider then this would be the practice responsibility.



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